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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hindi Song | Ahista Ahista (2006)

Himesh Reshammiya sends us another music album. Ahista Ahista's music is just mediocre, it isn't so good and nor so bad. The song 'Dil Naiyyo Maane Re' and its remix from 'Phir Hera Peri' is also added to this album for some reason. After seeing how many movies' music is directed by Himesh this year, you can speculate that he is in it just for the money. He doesn't spend much time on any movie, and he isn't choosy about the type of movies he is offered at all. Accepts whatever comes his way, so you can't actually expect to get any good quality music with that approach. Anyway, Ahista Ahista starsAbhay DeolSoha Ali Khan and Shyaman Munshi (?). I hope you like the songs more than I did.

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Aawan Akhiya Jawan Akhiyan (Qawwali)
Ahista Ahista (Remix)
Ahista Ahista
Allah Kare (Remix)
Allah Kare
Dil Naiyyo Maane Re (Remix)
Dil Naiyyo Maane Re
Ishq Ne Tere (Remix)
Ishq Ne Tere
Love you Unconditionally
Tanha Tere Bagair (Remix)
Tanha Tere Bagair
Tum Jo Mile
Allah Kare (Unplugged)
Love You Unconditionally (Remix)


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