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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hindi Song | Socha Na Tha (2004)

Socha Na ThaYou might have noticed in the Shoutbox that tiBeRtBhUmO had requested for Socha Na Tha's songs. This one is specially for you, tiBeRtBhUmO. Thank you for the request. If it wasn't for you, I don't know how long it take me to find these great songs :).

Socha Na Tha is directed by Imtiaz Ali, and stars Abhay Deol and Ayesha Takia in the leading role.

The music, directed by Sandesh Shandilya, is great. I specially like Na Sahi, and Abhi Abhi, and Ya Yarab, and ....... I guess I like 'em all, lol. I haven't watched the movie yet. Do you think I should?? Is it worth it? These days, I'm only watching preselected and recommended movies because I'm a little short in free time.

UPDATE: Fixed bad links (15/09/2007)

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  1. Yara Rab / Sonu Nigam, Sanjeevani
  2. Abhi Abhi - 1 / Sonu Nigam, Kunal Ganjawala
  3. Socha Na Tha / Sudesh Shandilya
  4. Na Sahi / Sudesh Shandilya
  5. Seedhay Sadhe Dhang Se / K.K.
  6. Mera Tumhara / Sandesh Shandilya
  7. Abhi Abhi - 2 / Sonu Nigam, KUnal Ganjawala


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