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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free Download : UraPankhi - By Madol, Kolkata Band Songs

DOWNLOAD: File Uploaded Here 3rd party File sharing sites, So Its Better to Click Right Button on File Name & select Open Link in The New Tab/Window.
  1. Aagun Lagaiya Dilo Kone
  2. Aami Chailam Jare
  3. Aami Rabo Na Rabo Na Grihe
  4. Aami Takdum Takdum Bajai
  5. Bandhu Aiyeo Aiyeo Re
  6. Baro Mashe Tero Phool
  7. Bor Elo Madol Bajaye
  8. Ke Jash Re
  9. Par Koriya Deore Majhi
  10. Pran Bandhur Birohe

Download All Songs - MediaFire Link

Note: You can Download Shohor by Kolkata band shohor.


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