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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wanna share a music file or thoughts on music ?? Write on DBH Music

Now its all about music sharing and only for music fans and their talks ... Its not about money anymore.

I have been serving to all music lovers for almost 2 years and now requests are so high that I couldnot serve all of them as I am not just capable of doing so alone.

So I want all my permanent readers and those who appreciated my work to write here and share music ....

Why to share your music on DBH Music ??

I must tell you that DBHMUSIC is serving almost 2500 unique visitors or I should say music lovers everyday for more 1 year. So whatever you share here is reaching to wider audience which is big music fan community.

How can I apply to write posts on DBH MUSIC ??

Well its very easy just write your email id in the comment box below....Soon you will be mailed with login area URL and after given the permissions to you...You can share everything about music here*....

If you liked this post Subscribe to my RSS Feed for more such articles.
Send your music file this email address :
* - I don't held responsible for the content you are sharing, so share it with responsibility. Though I will keep an eye over the content you are posting.


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